The ambience of RISHI is an environment of discipline to integrate values with secular knowledge through curriculum and classroom teaching with equal emphasis on co-curricular activities thereby inculcating the spirit of self-reliance as well as service to society. This embedded research with social relevance a favorable teacher pupil ratio ideally suited to build and develop a team-work spirit. The Campus administration is headed by the Principal Mrs.Kavitha Narayan an MA B.Ed in English who stands as a pillar of the institution supported by the teaching and non-teaching staff, and the sports coaches. The Principals prime mission is in shaping a vision of all-round success for all students. Complete success of each child lying not just in the academic and sports fields but also in character building, thus creating a climate that is hospitable for each child to bloom to his or her full potential. She has successfully built a rapport with the students striking a balance between discipline and calm affection that she shares with them which encourages a stable environment. She hand-in-hand with all the teachers and mentors play a key role in moulding the children and setting them in the right path to success. She deploys all the advanced technology and guidelines provided by the management in running the institution successfully and to the best in her capacity.




Subject : EVS, Orals/ Practical's - STD(Mont I) Qualification: PPTC, Experience: 10 yrs

M. Akhilandeshwari

Subject : English, Maths, EVS - STD (LKG/ Mont II)
Qualification: PPTC,Experience: 5 yrs

Coral Middy

Subject : English, Maths, EVS - STD (UKG/ Mont III)
Qualification: PPTC,Experience: 12 yrs

P. Sowmya

Subject : English, EVS, Mathematics, GK, Computers - STD I
Qualification: PPTC,Experience: 15 yrs

N. Archana

Subject : English, EVS, Mathematics, GK , Computers - STD II
Qualification: B.Ed, Experience: 10 yrs


Subject : English, GK - STD (III-VI)
Qualification: MA. B.Ed, Experience: 15 yrs

Sabitha Chittyala

Subject : EVS, Mathematics, GK - STD (III, IV)
Qualification: B.Com B.Ed, Experience: 8 yrs

K. Vanaja

Subject : Physics - STD (VI-X)
Qualification: B.Sc B.Ed, Experience:15 yrs

Dolly Peter Wei

Subject : Social Sciences - STD (VI-X)
Qualification: M.A B.Ed, Experience: 30 yrs

Kirthi Sayyam

Subject : Science, Biology - STD (VII - X)
Qualification: M.Sc B.Ed, Experience: 5 yrs

C. Susheela

Subject : English Std (VII-X)
Qualification: M.A, B.Ed, Experience: 20 yrs

Archana Srivastava

Subject: Hindi STD(VI-X)
Qualification: MA Bed, Experience: 20 yrs

K Ravi Shekar Rao

Subject: Mathematics STD(VII- X)
Qualification: BSc B.Ed Experience: 20 yrs

Geetha Yadav

Subject : Hindi
Qualification: M.A B.Ed, Experience:15 yrs

Aravind Mohan Nautiyal

Subject : Sanskrit
Qualification: M.A B.Ed, Experience: 25 yrs


Subject : French
Qualification: Diploma, Experience: 8 yrs

Vanga Shireesha

Subject : Chemistry STD VII, VIII, IX, X
Qualification: M.Sc B.Ed, Experience: 10 yrs

S. Renuka

Subject : Telugu
Qualification: MA B.Ed, Experience: 25 yrs

Katta Saritha

Subject : Telugu Vi-X
Qualification: BA B.Ed, Experience: 10 yrs


Subject : Computer Science
Qualification: M.A B.Ed, Experience: 10 yrs

Uma Agarwal

Subject : Yoga Class
Qualification: Diploma in Yoga, Experience: 15 yrs

Peter Lewis

Subject : Western Music
Qualification: Diploma, Experience: 20 yrs


Subject : Karate
Qualification: Karate Instructor, Experience: 15 yrs


Subject : Art n Craft
Qualification: Diploma in Art n Craft, Experience: 2 yrs

K.V.K. Rao

Subject : French
Qualification: Diploma, Experience: 8 yrs

Vanga Shireesha

Subject : Carnatic Music
Qualification: Classical Carnatic Music Teacher. Experience: 32 yrs


Subject : Hindustani Music
Qualification: Hindustani Music Teacher. Experience: 10 yrs

Rahul Peter

Subject : Physical Education
Qualification: P.Ed, Experience: 5 yrs

Hari Haran

Subject : Dance Teacher
Qualification: B.Tech, Experience: 10 yrs