Science HOD

Mrs. Kirti Sayam Biology (Life Sciences)

My Journey:

1. 2008-2009 practical trainer to students (Biochemistry)

2. 2015-2018 in molecular biology with practical experience of DNA and RNA (Nuclear material separation) and Operation of PCR and ELISA

Why I do what I do :

My aim is to make them my students understand each and every concept in a practical way. So that, they would become practical in life. “Through practicals make them invent many things about biology as well as their life”. To make them understand the central dogma of life.


It is a science which is concerned with the study of living things, instead of showing living things in theory, we teachers have to show them practically. Students are very eager to see living or microscopic world under the microscope visibly; which can’t be possible by naked eyes. For e.g.: “Stomata in a plants leaf”. If we show them in a bookish way; they may get bored, but if the same thing we show them practically they get the complete picture about the subject. Today’s generation is very fast; accordingly we teachers have to provide right kind of ambience to them .


“As long as I live, so long do I learn”.